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Discover the Proven Local Marketing System to Transform Your Small Business from Surviving to Thriving

Is digital marketing helping or hurting your local business?

Did you know that most sales funnels are causing to you to leave thousands of dollars on the table every month… or even worse, sending these customers directly to the competition?!

Take this short quiz to test your business’s digital strengths and weaknesses and stop your online marketing funnel from draining your precious time and money.

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Here's How It Works:

Phase 1: Develop Awareness

What's your online presence saying about you? Lay a solid foundation by putting your local listings and social media pages to work! Make sure that prospective customers can find your business quickly and engage with you easily, wherever they are online.

Phase 2: Encourage Action

This is the "sales" phase of the customer lifecycle system and where most uninformed business owners and fly-by-night marketers place their sole focus. Now it's time to create offers and solutions that will motivate your prospects to take action.

Phase 3: Build Loyalty

Here's where we leave your average sales funnel in the dust. Where other businesses are spending 5x as much to churn through new clients each month, you'll maximize your ROI by nurturing valuable relationships with your existing customers.

Who Are We?

Intelligence Local is your one-stop, measurable, digital marketing partner for your local business. We are a full-service digital agency that works side-by-side with local, community-minded businesses to create sustainable marketing systems that bring more sales over the customer lifecycle, rather than scraping the bottom of the bargain-seeking barrel for new customers each and every month.

If you’re looking for the “get rich quick tactic du jour,” you’re in the wrong place. We’ll be the first one to admit that with digital marketing, it’s easy to get distracted by shiny objects, fancy funnels, and endless webinars that you thought were going to solve your problems but just added to your confusion and lightened your wallet. 

That’s just not us. 

Our marketing services and strategies are based on our years of education and hands-on experience. And we know that marketing for local businesses needs to be practical, sustainable, and above all, customer-focused. 

At Intelligence Local, we look at your entire customer lifecycle process to target both prospects that aren’t yet familiar with your business, service or product, those that are ready to buy, and those who have purchased from you in the past. And because we understand that a local business is more than some random online T-shirt shop, our mission is to help you grow your business AND your reputation in your community. 

By using multi-channel marketing strategies combined with a focus on customer engagement, we’ll move your business forward with a complete customer lifecycle strategy aimed at meeting your specific needs, rather than dumping everyone into a one-size-fits-all sales funnel. Not only will we drive a high ROI, we’ll grow your brand and take your digital marketing system to the next level.

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