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Hi, I’m Lee Ann and I’m the owner of Intelligence Local. 👋 

I don’t really like About pages because I hate to talk about myself. The very nature of my business is to focus on you, in order to deliver the high-impact local marketing systems your business needs to bring in new customers and make more sales, while saving you time and energy with smart and effective automation tools. 

But every website needs an About page and this one is no different, so let’s get down to business.

I could go on and tell you about the Facebook group that I grew organically by over 700% in less than 8 weeks or the many websites I’ve built. 

But instead, I want to talk a little bit about my background outside of digital marketing and how that makes me uniquely qualified to handle your local business’s digital marketing campaigns. 

Much of how I approach digital marketing is influenced by my formal studies of communication and human behavior. 

Marketing fascinates me. The ability to influence the behavior of others through words and actions defines our very human existence. And the most effective marketing builds upon this foundation of what we as humans are built to do – engage with other humans through communication to form relationships and solve problems.

Why am I telling you this? 

Because local marketing, even when you’re marketing online, isn’t like putting up a billboard or sending out flyers. Effective digital marketing for local businesses isn’t an impersonal broadcast of information. As a matter of fact, it’s this impersonal barrage of advertising – of being talked at – that people are fed up with. 

Instead, when done correctly, local marketing should build relationships. It should bring your target audience into your sphere in a much more natural and genuine-feeling way than traditional advertising. In fact, communication, specifically conversation, is the key to building a thriving local business, regardless of whether you’re in real estate, accounting, landscaping, or if you own a restaurant. 

How? Let’s break it down.


A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior


Interactive communication between two or more people, usually through the exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas

You see, the part that most of these “fly by night” lead generation marketers forget is that a local business isn’t some churn-and-burn online dropshipping store. 

Your business is part of a community, a legacy, and if you want to stand the test of time, you need more than a quick ad that’s going to bring in bargain hunters one time. The one and done game is exhausting, and it’s not a sustainable way to run a business.

Instead, you need an online presence that screams “expert” and a trail of supporters singing your praises. 

Because the fact of the matter is, people are looking for your business online. So what are they going to find? Some quick posts about last month’s ham sandwich special or hundreds of people in your community telling others how great you are?

You see, those quick coupon snippers won’t help your business stand the test of time. Why? 

Let me say it again. The sales are in the conversations!

Our Mission

My goal is to not only give your local business the online presence it needs to generate new business, but to help you establish long-term relationships and repeat customers ready to be transformed into your best advertisers!

Through our creative use of some of the top digital and social media marketing tools in the industry, I like to think that we’ve made conversations with your community more efficient and more effective so you actually have time to grow your local business and enjoy your family too!

Here’s a taste of how we can help grow your local business through social media:

  • Simple yet effective review management tools
  • Chatbots and other integrations
  • Monthly social media management packages
  • Full service social media lead generation
  • Local SEO and Google My Business management
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